Anatomy, Physiology and Growth Cycle of Hair

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Understanding the hair’s anatomy, physiology and growth cycle is critical in achieving optimal results with permanent hair removal treatment programs using LASER, IPL, or Electrolysis.

This distance-learning program provides you with the necessary basic knowledge about the hair anatomy, physiology and its growth cycle. The knowledge will help you to offer “best practice” to your clients and patients and extend your ability to use light-based technology or the electrolysis methodology more effectively.

Topics covered: A Review of the anatomy of the hair. In an overview of the anatomy of the hair, we must consider the entire hair structure to fully understand it. When we discuss hair, relevant to Laser, Intense Pulsed Light, and Electrolysis, we affect the hair and hair follicles to achieve a permanent reduction in hair growth.We will also explore the phases of the hair growth cycle, understanding the optimum treatment window, contraindications, and best practice consultation/treatment planning.

The structure and colour of the hair itself plays a role in establishing if a client is a candidate for this type of hair removal to begin with. Understanding the growth cycle allows the operator to plan the treatment schedule in order to maximize the overall hair reduction. Knowledge in understanding the anatomy and physiology of the entire hair structure will go a long way to reach the best treatment outcomes for your clients. Learn about this and more, in this two unit-training module on The Hair Growth Cycle:

  • Is your client a candidate?
  • What treatment intervals should be followed in a hair removal treatment program?
  • What can hinder a good treatment outcome?


Units of Learning – 1 Lesson

Lesson 1 – Anatomy, Physiology and Growth Cycle of Hair

Anatomy, Physiology and Growth Cycle of Hair - Online beauty therapy courses from Pastiche

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