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Pastiche Training is an internationally accredited CPD provider of quality educational resources designed specifically for the development of those within the skincare industry.

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Every day people just like you are gaining new skills in their chosen career and creating a better future.

With Pastiche Training, we help you get the much sought after advanced skin diagnostic skills and skin science knowledge that will make you a better skin treatment practitioner. Skills you need to Succeed.

Such is the power of Knowledge, so join us for your ongoing journey of discovery and share our passion for enabling with knowledge.

Who we are

Pastiche is the brainchild of Florence Barrett-Hill, an internationally acclaimed dermal science educator; practitioner, researcher, and author with a vast experience covering all aspects of non-device based professional aesthetic therapy and paramedical skin care. 

Pastiche has been providing advanced education to the professional skin care sector since 1996; initially with the launch of the now renowned Advanced Skin Analysis program in Australasia, and later covering related, specialised topics to help beauty therapists and aestheticians achieve greater levels of understanding about the skin while being independent of brand influence. 
At the time, this type of education was both innovative and pioneering; ultimately becoming the catalyst for an appetite for knowledge that has spawned the current University level education in the dermal sciences. 

Pastiche Training have been educating skin care practitioners in many parts of the world with face to face programs until the advent of reliable high-speed internet brought the Pastiche classroom in to the reach of anyone-anywhere. 
Since Pastiche’s inception, Florence has sought to provide relevant, time current information and present in a form easily assimilated and utilised by clinicians as part of best-practice clinical skin care diagnostic and treatment planning procedures.  In addition to training programs, Florence has released many books for the professional skin care community; popular titles include Advanced Skin Analysis and Cosmetic Chemistry for the skin treatment practitioner.

“Only you can take you where you need to go professionally”

Florence Barrett-Hill, Founder

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What we are

Pastiche Training is an internationally recognised CPD education provider that meets international standards of both best practice and content provision, being awarded accreditation number 776910 by the UK Based CPD Group. This accreditation demonstrates our commitment to Quality Assurance and robust policies regarding the best educational outcomes for our learners. Our core values are the provision of quality, time current education that facilitates competency-based educational journeys where learners can master specific knowledge and skills about advanced skin care at their own pace. The CPD - Accredited Provider We are committed to creating courses that have structure and components that allow learners to achieve the associated graduate profile, (Skills, knowledge, and attitudes that learners will need to develop to competently provide advanced services in their field of expertise) and work to ensure learners are provided a credit value for the amount of learning and is designed to meet the specific identified needs of learners. 
Pastiche Training was founded and course content created by Programme Director Florence Barrett-Hill.

Florence is an independent technical dermal science educator & author to the Professional Aesthetics Industry, and collaborates with a range of specialists to ensure you are kept up to date and aware of current key industry trends.

Florence Barrett-Hill

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Founder and Director of Education

Florence is the programme director of Pastiche Resources, an internationally recognised postgraduate beauty industry education provider.

Florence Barrett-Hill is an internationally acclaimed dermal science educator, practitioner, researcher, and author with a vast experience covering all aspects of professional aesthetic therapy and paramedical skin care. Florence holds over a dozen diplomas and international qualifications covering every aspect of modern skin treatment therapy, and is well respected by her industry peers for her 30+ years of knowledge she loves to share.

Florence has trained both generic and brand specific philosophies, understanding the wide range of treatment modalities, and their place in the industry. With wide experience from owning and operating clinics, through to paramedical technical experience in the post operative care of burns survivors and plastic surgery patients and the formulation of skin care products, Florence is a uniquely talented industry practitioner who intimately knows her subject and is passionate about continually raising the standards of professional beauty therapy and skin care.

Florence has spent the last 30 years continually educating herself in all aspects of professional skin care, passing on her knowledge through acclaimed training courses and publications. Florence has written hundreds of technical papers and manuals covering many aspects of paramedical skin treatment, and has published a number of industry related documents in both print and web media. Her research is ongoing; with beauty industry topical subjects being presented in both seminars and online learning courses.
Florence was the creator of the first education-only website for the skin care professional, back in 2000.

In 2004, Florence published the ground breaking book; Advanced Skin Analysis, a text now read by professional skin care therapists and aesthetic tutors in 16 countries worldwide in four languages.

Her successive book, Cosmetic Chemistry was released in 2009 and is a follow on from the skin analysis book that approaches a technical subject in the language of the therapist and practitioner.

Praise for Florence’s philosophy, content and delivery has been high, with accolades from training providers and practitioners internationally.