Pastiche Distance Learning uses a comprehensive assessment system that allows you to review your answers both before submitting for marking, and after should you fail. In most courses you have a limit of 5 attempts at each assessment, however this process of reviewing your answers should be sufficient for you to pass within 3 attempts.

The sequence of assessments is as follows:
If you are undertaking the assessment for the first time, the “start” option is the only one available.
If you are undertaking the same assessment again, then there are “continue” and “start over” options.

Proceed through the assessment answering questions- taking note that some questions require more than one answer.

After answering all questions, click on the continue button at the bottom of the page. This will take you to the review stage.

In the review stage, you can see which answers you have provided. If you want to change any answers, you can do it here.If you are satisfied with your answers, you can submit them for marking by clicking on the “complete” button.

You will now see your score. If you have failed, then you need to review which of your answers are correct and incorrect using the Results feature.

To do this, click on the “Exit” tab at the top right side of the window to take you back to the course content list.

You will now see that there is a “results” tab on the right side of the window corresponding with the assessment you have just undertaken. Click on this button to see your results. There will be a status report on the last attempt at the assessment, and below a list showing the answers provided to each question.

Question correctness is indicated by the headings incorrect and show how you answered using  grey dots. Only your incorrectly answered questions are displayed, so make notes of which these are before selecting what content you need to review before your next attempt.

Make notes of the areas of study required to pass, and click on the title of the course at the top of the page, or the course library tab on the left side of the window to continue on to the course content listing to take the assessment again.

IMPORTANT! if you are taking an assessment again, please be sure to read the answers properly as the sequence of answer options may have changed.

Do not assume they will be in the same order each time. The purpose of this is to ensure the correct answers are retained and understood.

IMPORTANT! After you have successfully passed an assessment, ensure you do not accidently click on the start button again. If you do the system will overwrite your previous score and mark as incomplete. This will occur even you have moved on to subsequent modules. There is a clear notification when you have completed an assessment. There is no reason to go back in to it.

If you have any questions about the assessment procedure please contact your course administrator or team leader as explained in section 8 of the course orientation.