Karen Black


“Having completed previous Pastiche courses and attended live classes, I highly value the in-depth information and education that the advanced skin analysis program offers.  Florence’s Advanced Skin Analysis allows to go through the course with ease as a first time ASA Pastiche participant or as a refresher, building on prior knowledge.
This knowledge is transferred in such a way that it is applicable to the clinic and transferable to the client.  A must for any therapist serious about skin!”


Ildiko Sramaty


The Advanced Skin Analysis program is the best course I have taken during my 40 years of practise. It made me look at skin in a completely different way, and without it I wouldn’t be half the aesthetician I am today. There should be no skin care therapist without this knowledge.


Rachel Robertson


Florence has been a huge role model throughout my career. Completing her courses has given me the knowledge and drive to carve out an amazing career.
I would highly recommend the Pastiche courses to anyone wanting to excel and become an expert in their field.


Jackie O’Brien


The day I heard Florence for the first time, I knew it was a turning point not only for me personally but also for my business. Florence’s teaching has reconnected me with my own passion for this industry. My staff are now more educated and in turn my clients become more educated about their skin which has created a culture of confidence and loyalty in what we do.


Rene Serbon


The first time I did the course, I went back to the clinic knowing that things will never be the same. A job has now turned into a career that has taken me to heights I could never have imagined. Almost 10 years later, and a few more Pastiche courses under my belt, I still know Pastiche Training was my pivot point. Eternally thankful!


Robyn McAlpine


I owe my career to Florence and Pastiche Training.Prior, I was lacking in my ability to diagnose and treat skin, always hitting a plateau in my in-clinic results. Pastiche training has been the foundation of my skin therapy career, allowing me to achieve outstanding results from a solid understanding of every cell from the inside out.


Donna Glazer


Florence’s education has been an important part of my career growth. I rely on the Pastiche Method online to train my beauty therapists into skin therapists.
With the ease of the online training my therapists can do their course work in quiet periods in the clinic or at weekends. Once they start their learning journey their enthusiasm grows and so does their development.


Kim Iarrobino-Papa


I took a couple on line trainings, I must say the information given with great detail surpasses any other I’ve learned here in the states.
Thank you for sharing your passion so that we can better understand what we as Aestheticians Love to do and help our clients the best way we can!! Thank you !!

Donna Kris

Donna Kris


Florence stretches my mind and excites my drive to serve my clients with a greater depth of knowledge and ability to explain the why and what of what I do for them.  With her explanation of skin care, it seems to me that the rest of the industry is catching up – finally – to her understanding of skin…..we CAN improve the skin without continually harming it !


Elizabeth Garofalides


These courses take esthetics & skin care to a whole new level.  They are a must for all estheticians out there!