Pastiche training recommend these books from publisher Virtual Beauty Corp as an integral part of your learning program.

Advanced Skin Analysis

Advanced Skin Analysis by Florence Barrett-Hill  ISBN 978-0-473-19410-9   (e-book)
Effective, professional Skin Analysis is one of the most valuable skills the skin treatment therapist of the new millennium can master, and Advanced Skin Analysis is the book that will help you achieve that goal.
A comprehensive analysis of the skin will result in better treatment outcomes because the causes of the skin conditions presented will be addressed rather than the superficial practice where only the symptoms are investigated.
By understanding what evidence to look for and how, and by understanding the processes within the skin that can go wrong and create the conditions, a more accurate picture of the situation is revealed. To assist with this, a complete update of the anatomy & physiology of the skin, relevant to the three major characteristics of the skin; Texture, Colour, and Secretions and presents them in an easy to understand, informative manner that links structure and function to various skin conditions.

Using diagnostic indicator references with colour photographs, therapists can quickly and accurately diagnose a variety of skin conditions with confidence.

Rich, diagrammatic illustrations and colour photographs populate this groundbreaking book with over 220 pages written specifically for skin treatment therapists who want to take their careers to the next level of professionalism.  Sample pages from Virtual Beauty Corp here.

The Visual Skin Analysis Diagnostic Indicator Guide

The Visual Skin Analysis Diagnostic Indicator Guide by Florence Barrett-Hill ISBN 978-0-473-30478-2  (soft cover)

This guide is the companion to the Advanced Skin Analysis book and has been developed to extend the visual analysis and consultation techniques for users of the Pastiche Method of skin analysis and other techniques that categorize each skin condition under the diagnostic characteristics of texture, colour and secretions.

There is no doubt that we all find it easier to learn skin analysis when there are visual and diagnostic indicators to assist us, and to this end, the diagnostic indicators in this guide are presented in order of what would be encountered most frequently when viewing the skin, or measured with diagnostic equipment.

In addition to the visual evidence of what to look for when analysing skin, a simple explanation of how each leading cause will influence or aggravate each skin condition, is provided.
The effects of each leading cause are identified by an icon for quick reference and are listed in a priority order format of the causes that would first alter skin cells and systems, through to the least likely to be of influence.

This quick reference guide by Florence Barrett-Hill to help you learn the art of professional skin analysis, and communicate your findings with your clients. Sample pages from Virtual Beauty Corp here



3D- Skin Diagnostic Flow Charts

3D- Skin Diagnostic Flow Charts by Florence Barrett-Hill ISBN 978-0-473-29464-9 (soft cover and e-book)

The amount of information gathered during the consultation process is extensive; and this means that there has to be a method of filtering and sorting it.

These Pastiche diagnostic flow charts will assist you to filter your findings into categories that will determine a quick summarized result that as a diagnostic technician, you can use confidently.

By using the most commonly found causes and linking them across to cells and systems and skin conditions affected; and then by filtering with intrinsic and extrinsic factors, the Pastiche Diagnostic Flow charts will become an invaluable clinical diagnostic tool.

Each of these flow charts indicate which of the three diagnostic characteristics; Texture, Colour, and Secretions that are effected by the causative factors, expanding to show which specific cells and skin function is likely to be affected, and how they will manifest.
A great quick reference to help you learn the art of professional skin analysis, and communicate your findings with your clients, and supplement to the Advanced Skin Analysis book. Sample pages from Virtual Beauty Corp here

Other books by Florence Barrett-Hill include Cosmetic Chemistry for the Skin Treatment Therapist and The  Aesthetic Clinicians Pictorial Guide.