Our CPD Accredited Provider Status

Pastiche Training are an internationally accredited CPD provider of quality educational resources designed specifically for the development of those within the skin care industry.

Accredited provider status

Pastiche Training are an internationally accredited CPD (Continuing Professional Development) provider who have undertaken a rigorous quality assurance appraisal to earn this respected status. We follow best practice management systems for educational organisations to ISO 21001:2018.
Our core values are the provision of quality, time current education that facilitates competency-based educational journeys where learners can master specific knowledge and skills about advanced skin care at their own pace.
We are committed to creating courses that have structure and components that allow learners to achieve the associated graduate profile, (Skills, knowledge, and attitudes that learners will need to develop to competently provide advanced services in their field of expertise) and work to ensure learners are provided a credit value for the amount of learning and is designed to meet the specific identified needs of learners.

The cornerstone of our organisation is an integrated quality assurance system where all the components support each other. The basis of the quality assurance system is the use of an Evaluative Quality Assurance Framework. To achieve and maintain our accreditation we regularly review our policies and procedures including: 
• Quality Assurance Policy
• Course Review Policy & Procedure
• Assessment Policy & Procedure
• Malpractice Policy & procedure
• Appeals Policy and Procedure
• Complaints Policy and Procedure
• Reasonable Adjustments & Special Consideration Policy
• Reflective Practice Policy
• Safeguarding Online Learner Policy
• Governance structure
• Privacy Policy
• Data use & protection Policy
• Cookies Policy
• Equal opportunity Policy

• Health & Safety Policy

It is this level of commitment to our learners that we trust will help make their choice of preferred education partner easier.

Any of these policies are viewable upon request.