Accreditation Information

Pastiche Training work to ensure learners are provided a credit value for the amount of learning undertaken as pursuing Continuing Professional Development, (CPD) Continuing Education Units, (CEU) and CE points’s (CE) are the logical path to career growth and employment opportunities.
Pastiche Training allocate CPD, CEU and CE points or credits to courses, allowing you to easily keep track of your earned points. These points are allocated in accordance with international CPD, CE and CEU guidelines, with individual programs attracting credits relative to hours of study undertaken.

It is the view of most professional associations, societies and organisations worldwide that the ongoing development of knowledge, judgement and expertise is essential in today’s competitive business environment. Many regulatory bodies and associations require a minimum amount of continuing education to be undertaken each year to remain compliant.
This implies that individuals accept responsibility for their own development by drawing on a combination of self-education and using well-established and credible providers of training and education. When planned, this should assist individuals and members of organisations to provide more advanced treatments and services, accept new roles and responsibilities, and to adapt to changing situations with up to date knowledge, new technology and procedures.

Pastiche Training is an internationally recognised CPD education provider that meets international standards of both best practice and content provision, being awarded accreditation number 776910 by the CPD Group. This accreditation demonstrates our commitment to Quality Assurance and robust policies regarding the best educational outcomes for our learners. Learn more here.

Example education credits assigned for Pastiche Distance Learning courses. Note these based on typical MINIMUM contact with the materials.
1 CE credit = 0.75 contact hours (45 mins), 1 CPD point = 1.0 contact hours and 1 CEU = 10 contact hours.
Advanced Skin Analysis 65 87 6.5
A-Z of  Pigmentation 5 7 0.5
Chemistry of pigmentation 2 3 0.2
Barrier Disordered Skin 3 4 0.3
Rosacea: Triggers and classifications 4 5.5 0.4
Understanding the Menopausal Skin 1 1.5 0.1
Understanding Wound Healing 1 1.5 0.2
The Skin Microbiome: Importance & Formation 1 1.5 0.1
Dermal Needling Technique 1 1.5 0.1
Understanding Scar Tissue 1 1.5 0.1
Laser & IPL Safety – COK – Level 4 30 40 3
Laser & IPL Protection Supervisor / LSO –COK Level 5 60 80 6
Laser and IPL Hair Reduction & Skin Rejuvenation – Level 3 30 40 3