Interested in a Career in Skincare, Get an Advanced Skincare Education

You may have always taken good care of your skin and know the importance of having healthy, glowing skin, and now you wish the help others achieve the same. A skincare education will give you a kick-start to a career in beauty or skincare, covering many aspects of the skin, conditions and solutions.

What to Expect From Pastiche Training Regarding Skincare Education Online

An educated therapist will be come a professional skin treatment practitioner
An educated therapist will be come a professional skin treatment practitioner

Under the current global circumstances, online courses are the way to go to ensure you don’t stagnate or put your goals on hold, even when it seems as if the world out there has come to a standstill.

  • Step-by-step guide: As long as you have access to the internet, can watch videos and read PDFs and have a basic know-how of course functionality, our course guide will show you how to do the rest and interact with course material and assignments.
  • Variety: Unlike basic beauty and skincare courses, we offer advanced skin analysis courses that focus on how the skin works and reacts. You will gain the knowledge and understanding of the skin and causes of conditions rather than just be told how to treat them, not knowing why.
  • Easy assessments: With our Quiz Assist function, we help you find the information you need to review if you fail an assessment. Your learning outcomes are our goal.
  • CPD points: You might be starting in your career, or you require refresher courses and the critical CPD points for your career growth. With our courses, you can earn up to 210 CPD points and gain a lifetime of knowledge to share.

Stay up to date on the latest info and even the old, but still reliable biological and scientific info behind skin analysis that still holds water today. See which skin care certificate programmes we offer online.

What You Should Know About Skin Aesthetics Courses

We have different areas of focus in our courses, with some more on the science behind the skin and how it functions, while other courses focus more on wound healing and the effect of lasers on the skin. Here are some of the courses we offer.

  • Skin microbiome: We have countless little microbes that live on the microbiome that is our skin. They are the first line of defence to protect your skin from external damage. Understanding their function and how skin treatments can affect them, will give you more insight into what healthy skin entails.
  • Advanced Skin Analysis: You might think that it is overkill to study the skin when you are just involved in providing it with the treatment it needs. There are many skin conditions that you should know about, their origin, to understand how they will react to particular therapy and products.
  • Hair growth: If your interest is more in laser hair removal, you need to understand the hair growth cycle to how often treatment would be necessary as well as when the best time would be in the cycle to perform the laser therapy.

About Pastiche Training

We have been teaching face to face since before the age of the internet and have been around since 1996. Online training is so much easier to empower a wider audience with the knowledge they need to advance their career with CPD points and in-depth understanding of the skin.
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