Using your mobile device

To do your pastiche courses

Step 1: Go to your app store and download the Litmos app.


Step 2: After installation, open the App. You should see this.



Step 3: Enter the word Pastiche Training EXACTLY like this, and click continue.


Step 4: You’ll then see the login screen for your account.
Just enter your username details and save the credentials in your browser.


Step 5: You’re good to go! Enjoy your course.

Stuff that’s good to know:
Mobile devices can be used to undertake your courses, however because of the small screen size, some of the features, particularly assessments can be more difficult. If you can’t see some of the features or tabs, try holding your device sideways in landscape mode.
When you login for the first time you may not be able to find your course on the dashboard as some browsers may position it further down the page. All you need to do is scroll down a little further.


Don’t forget you can reach out for help (should you need it) using the “feedback” function within your course.