Rosacea: Triggers and Subtype Classification

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Rosacea is a challenging skin condition for any skin treatment practitioner. The accepted aggravating factors are well known, however this lecture goes beyond the common triggers of inflammation and explores those least understood; those linked to the endocrine system, adrenal stress, overactive enzyme activity and changes to cellular organelle function.

This course is essential for a complete understanding of the condition and covers the physiology, biology and morphology of Rosacea; with particular emphasis on its cellular triggers. We will also explore the different sub-types and how to recognize them.

The Objective of this course is for the learner to understand the following: 

  • Understanding that Rosacea is a multi-faceted condition
  • There are a number of triggers and aggravating factors
  • The innate immune system is a major factor in this condition
  • How to diagnose the different types of Rosacea
  • How to prepare protocols of daily care and better treatment options


Units of learning – 1 Lesson

Lesson 1 – Rosacea: Triggers and Subtype Classification

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