Laser Tattoo & Benign Pigmented Blemish Removal – Level 4 & 5

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This content is provided by Online Laser Training Ltd and certifications of achievement are provided by Online Laser Training Ltd's accrediting partners.

This new BMLA-approved course is for the advanced learner seeking an independent award certificate at Level 4/5 in Laser Tattoo and Benign Pigmented Blemish Removal with additional material covering new and advanced techniques.

This advanced course comprises three modules for level 4 certification followed by an optional level 5 practical component.

Each level 4 module is competitively priced, allowing you to progress steadily through Level 4 knowledge content at your own pace without a burdensome up-front cost. It provides you with a fundamental understanding of Skin & Hair Anatomy and Physiology, Reactions to Laser Therapy and Application Theory before progressing on to complete case studies, written tasks and practical assessment of level 5. 

All learners successfully completing all three theory modules will receive QCF Level 4 award certification from Open College Network, OCN Credit4Learning. QCF Level 5 certification is only achieved upon completion of all four modules. 

COURSE FEE: Level 4 modules $149.00 each

Module 1: Tattoo Origins, Anatomy and Physiology
Module 2: Skin Reactions to Laser Tattoo and Pigment Removal
Module 3: Laser Tattoo and Pigment Removal Application (Theory)

Awarded 30 CPD credits for completion of theory modules (modules 1 – 3): 1002850

COURSE FEE: Level 5 module (optional) $1495.00 (available soon)

Module 4: (Optional Level 5) Practical Work Experience & Assessment
The full Level 5 course is not yet available for people who do not have access to a laser or IPL to complete the practical work.

Awarded 30 credits for practical module 4: 1002660

Course Prerequisites:
Level 4 Core of Knowledge Laser User or equivalent recognised certification course, and
NVQ Level 3/4 Beauty Therapy Certificate or equivalent recognised certification course

UK – ENROL HERE for £99 for Module 1
Australia – ENROL HERE for AUD $149 for Module 1
New Zealand – ENROL HERE for NZD $149 for Module 1

Module 1: Tattoo Origins, Anatomy and Physiology—$149.00 

Includes 27-page course workbook, training video, multiple choice assessment and video transcript

  • Origins, cultural heritage and epidemiology of tattooing
  • Tattoo machines, needles and accessories
  • Tattoo inks and pigments in skin
  • Common skin disorders
  • Tissue structure and function
  • The structure & function of the circulatory, lymphatic & endocrine systems
  • Possible effects of laser tattoo removal treatments
  • Tattoo techniques, methods, classes and craftsmanship
  • Classes of tattoo: amateur, professional; medical and traumatic tattooing
  • Alternative methods of tattoo removal
  • Benign epidermal and dermal pigmentation
  • Common examples and body location
  • When to refer on
  • Mode of action 

Module 2: Skin Reactions to Laser Tattoo and Pigment Removal—$149.00 

33-page course workbook and Contraindications Guide included with the course

  • Laser impact on skin tissue
  • Tissue effects of laser energy
  • Selection of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Possible effects on the skin using laser for tattoo and pigment removal
  • Classification & treatment of burns
  • Treatment end points
  • Pre- and post-treatment advice and care
  • Importance of maintaining client records including photography
  • Contra-indications and when laser treatment is not recommended
  • How to avoid adverse incidents
  • Treatment-related side effects
  • Medication / drugs interaction in laser therapy
  • Photosensitive drugs and herbal remedies
  • Effects of alcohol
  • Laser tattoo removal methodology
  • Picosecond and nanosecond Q-switched lasers
  • Optimal treatment parameters 

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Module 3: Laser Tattoo and Pigment Removal Application (Theory)—$149.00 

Includes 35-page course workbook, training video, multiple choice assessment and video transcript 

  • How tattoo and pigment removal treatments are modified for the client’s individual skin type
  • Effect of laser wavelengths on different tattoo colours and pigmentation
  • Preparation of the treatment site for safe laser tattoo removal treatments
  • Equipment, accessories and safety products
  • Medical precautions for the laser user
  • How to prepare for and perform a patient consultation to identify treatment objectives
  • Importance of informed consent and how it should be achieved
  • Consultation checklist
  • Alternative treatments
  • The necessity of pre- and post-care protocols
  • Pre- and post-care regimes
  • Skin patch tests in the treatment protocol for laser tattoo removal
  • The importance of maintaining patient treatment records including photography
  • The relevance of photography and its advantages when considering laser treatments
  • The use of skin cooling including pre-, post-cooling in laser tattoo and pigment removal treatments
  • Forced chilled air and thermoelectric cooling
  • The safe operation of tattoo and pigment removal laser devices
  • Engineering controls
  • Risks including eye damage, burns and laser plume
  • New laser tattoo removal techniques (R2 & R4, etc.)
  • Relevant regulations and standards 

You are also provided with a set of help sheets under the additional resources tab at no extra charge including: 

  • Glossary of Abbreviations and Terms
  • Guidance on Photosensitive Medication
  • Fitzpatrick Skin Photo-typing
  • Insurance Help Sheet
  • Tattoo Lasers Technical Comparison Table
  • Access to two videos demonstrating tattoo removal
  • Access to one review study from published literature on tattoo removal 


Module 4: Practical Work Experience & Assessment—$1,495.00  (available soon)

Includes course workbook, training video, multiple choice assessment, video transcript, guidance on assessment, ‘contraindications guide for light-based cosmetic therapies’ and set of example practice management documentation. 

You are provided with a dedicated Module 4 course workbook giving guidance on completing QCF Level 5 Practical Work Experience and Assessment together with a set of example practice management documentation (worth $250) at NO EXTRA CHARGE including: 

  • Pre-Treatment Advice to Clients (Example)
  • Post-Treatment Care Information (Example)
  • Client Medical History Form (Example)
  • Consent Form (Example)
  • Tattoo Assessment Form (Example)
  • Laser Start of Day Check List (Example)
  • Case Study Guidance (Checklist)
  • Access to 11 clinical studies from published literature 

Finalise and submit your portfolio of case studies performed on your own clients / volunteers and participate by computer video link (Skype or WhatsApp) to complete your assessment of client consultation, case studies and demonstration of your practical skills. 

Upon successful completion of Modules 1 – 4 (which have to be taken sequentially), you will qualify to receive a Level 5 achievement certificate from OCN Credit4Learning (our educational awarding body based in the UK). This Accrediting Organisation maps courses to National Academic Standards and provides a valuable Quality Assurance service for training providers. 

If only Modules 1 – 3 are completed successfully, the learner will just qualify to receive QCF Level 4 award certification.

Course Features

  • Learning Units 4
  • Duration 60 hours
  • Skill level Laser Safety Level 4
  • Language English
  • Students 0
  • CPD Points 60 points
  • Content provided by Online Laser Training Ltd 4

    • Learning Unit1.1
      Module 1: Tattoo Origins, Anatomy and Physiology – Level 4
    • Learning Unit1.2
      Module 2: Skin Reactions to Laser Tattoo and Pigment Removal – Level 4
    • Learning Unit1.3
      Module 3: Laser Tattoo and Pigment Removal Application (Theory) – Level 4
    • Learning Unit1.4
      Module 4: Practical Work Experience & Assessment – Level 5 (available soon)