Understanding Scar Tissue

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Understanding anomalies of the skin such as scars is important when advising clients of solutions to reduce their appearance. This course covers the different categories of scar tissue commonly seen in clinic by Skin Treatment therapists.

This short course covers the physiology and different categories of scar tissue commonly seen by today’s Skin Diagnostician, Skin Treatment Therapist or Corneotherapist. It is a supplement to the distance learning specialty class on wound healing and references the two units of learning concerning acne and collagen formation from within the Pastiche distance learning program ‘Advanced Skin Analysis.’ The Objective of this course is for the learner to understand that scar tissue is a dermal disorder that affects connective tissue, and to recognize that any improvement can only be planned with an understanding of the physiology of the dermis.

This course provides an understanding of all components that make up the dermis; cells such as the fibroblast and connective tissue such as collagen and elastin, along with an overview of different scar types and their characteristics. 

  • Understand that scaring is a DERMAL disorder, not epidermal.
  • Review the components that make up the dermal portion of skin
  • The importance of Fibroblasts, Collagen and Elastin
  • A review of the wound healing process and timeline
  • A review of the different categories of scar tissue


Units of Learning – 1 Lesson

Lesson 1 – Understanding Scar Tissue


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