Laser & IPL Safety – ‘Core of Knowledge’ – Level 4

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This content is provided by Online Laser Training Ltd and certifications of achievement are provided by Online Laser Training Ltd's accrediting partners.

Introducing the Online Laser Training distance-learning course as a ‘Core of Knowledge’ (CoK) training program to provide you with a fundamental understanding of laser and light technology, how light interacts with skin to produce specific biological effects and how to use laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) safely. This course also covers relevant standards and regulations governing their use in a professional setting in different jurisdictions.

Our laser and IPL safety courses follow the international standard “Core of Knowledge” (COK) format, covers all 20 required learning objectives/outcomes; and is delivered by 11 lessons over 4 units of learning.

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Training that will differentiate you from the rest….

The investment in quality on-line education is an investment in your future. By choosing On-line Laser Training, you will have the confidence that your educational experience is of the highest standard and mapped to international academic standards. The courses are designed by industry experts with formal qualification in their areas of expertise, including RPA 2000 certified Laser protection Adviser status. (LPA) Our courses are recognized by the leading laser authorities in both the UK (BMLA) and Australia. (Radiation Health QLD ED220).  They are also approved by the ABLS (US), the RACGP (Australia), ACAM (Australia) and NZSCM (New Zealand), some of the most respected standards world-wide.  By meeting these standards, you can be assured that you have future-proofed your education, no matter what regional regulatory changes occur in the future.





Your independent, international course accreditation is provided through Online User Training and OCN Credit4Learning; a United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS) recognized accrediting body for quality training providers.Recipients of OCN Credit4Learning certificates benefit from the assurance that the training they have received is underpinned by an organization that is ISO9001 certified.
It is a legal obligation in some UK jurisdictions, some states of Australia, and most states in the U.S. that a ‘Core of Knowledge’ course from a recognized or approved trainer is provided as a requirement of registration and/or licensing.

In most countries, laser/IPL operators must demonstrate competence in the form of structured, recognized training in order to obtain liability insurance. The courses consist of four units of learning; each contain course notes, a video presentation and a multiple choice assessment. A transcript of each presentation is also available for hearing impaired learners or for off-line study.The learning outcome is an independently accredited, nationally recognized, Level 4 Award to the named student. This online course is worth 30 CPD learning credits or 3 CEU credits (which is equivalent to a notional 30 hours of learning). Typically, the course takes 2 days to complete.


  • Basic ‘must have’ course for new laser or intense light source users
  • Awarded 30 CPD credits or 3 CEU’s
  • Independently issued Level 4 accreditation by OCN Credit4Learning follows by post (US, AU & NZ)
  • Provisional certificate provided instantly online
  • Multiple choice assessments at the end of each of the four units
  • Full course transcript
  • Student resource workbook/manual

“NB. You must undertake this course before attempting the Laser Supervisor (LSO) course.”

Why you should choose these courses – Not all Laser & ILS courses are created equal… ensure your training investment has long-term validity and credibility. Accept nothing less than world-class content providers and directors who are internationally recognized experts in their field; specialists with over 20 years experience in training of the safe use of laser & IPL devices.

Who has created Online Laser Training’s courses? What are their qualifications? 

Dr Godfrey Town, PhD; International course director. Godfrey is a RPA2000 Certified laser safety advisor, clinical technologist, consultant, trainer and author. He has authored comprehensive laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation manuals, and is also a sought after presenter at global international aesthetic laser meetings. Dr Town has professional affiliations with many pre-eminent international laser organizations including ASLMS (US) ESLD (Europe) and BMLA. (UK)

Patti Owens, BSN, RN, MHA; Course director.
In addition to extensive experience in training and private consulting for leading laser device companies and medical practices, Patti works behind the scenes with many committees in the US to help develop international recommended safety standards for both laser and IPL devices.
Patti works on the committee of the standards institute ANSI, is a member of ASLMS and in 2009 co-authored the book “ Laser & Light Therapy” from the Milady’s Aesthetic series.

Course Features

  • Learning Units 4
  • Duration 30 hours
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English
  • Students 0
  • CPD Points 30 points
  • Content provided by Online Laser Training Ltd 4

    • Learning Unit1.1
      Laser light generation and characteristics
    • Learning Unit1.2
      Hazards and risks from equipment and laser/IPL beams
    • Learning Unit1.3
      Laser & Intense light source radiation –Tissue interaction
    • Learning Unit1.4
      Relevant legislation and safety standards