Skin Diagnostic Technician Course

Enrol in Our CPD-Accredited Skin Diagnostic Technician Course

Pastiche Training provides online education in the professional skincare industry with a wide range of courses, including our acclaimed Advanced Skin Analysis Course. Our courses are ideal for you if you work in the non-surgical skincare industry and want ongoing educational enhancement.

Skin analysis training for experts
If you don’t know what caused the condition, how can you competently treat it?

Benefits of Our Skin Therapist Course

As authorities in skincare, we understand the need for highly qualified therapists, which is why we are passionate about encouraging the constant and consistent development of your skills. If you would like to study as a skincare specialist, you will have access to our wide selection of online courses, ranging from the Advanced Skin Analysis course to our Masterclass to several niche subject courses.

  • We have developed the Pastiche Method®, which is widely used by clinical aestheticians and skin treatment practitioners alike to ascertain their clients’ skin types and accurately diagnose any skin conditions that they may have. This method is just one aspect that enhances our courses, which all emphasise how essential it is to educate yourself to provide your clients with optimal services.
  • We have designed our online courses to provide you with an introduction to new developments in skincare. Our courses will empower you to further your career by providing a more thorough and knowledgeable service to your clients.

It would be difficult for any professional to offer valuable treatments without an in-depth understanding of how different skin can be from client to client. Our courses teach comprehensive advanced understanding of the skin for professional career enrichment.

What You Can Expect From Pastiche Training Regarding our Advanced Skin Care Courses

We have developed our courses to focus on relevant learning outcomes. For example, our Advanced Skin Analysis Programme encourages a practical approach to achieving your international CPD certification. We offer many courses, and each varies in cost, time required to complete, and CPD points awarded. One of the biggest advantages of studying online is that you can complete each course as and when you have time available rather than managing your schedule carefully to attend an in-person class.

  • We offer a course called ‘The A-Z of Treating Pigmentation’ which we have designed to help you to understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to treating pigmentation. Your clients will require a multi-level approach. Let us provide you with the insight to determine the best way forward as you treat each client’s skin.
  • Our ‘Dermal Needling Technique’ course has become highly relevant following the rise in popularity of collagen induction therapy. This course will help you to understand this particular treatment and provide a more thorough service to your clients.
  • You will also have access to courses about acne, rosacea, menopausal skin, wound healing, scar tissue, and skin with a barrier disorders, plus classes that offer insight into keratinocyte and hair growth.

Why Trust Pastiche Training Regarding Skin Care Therapist Courses?

Since 1996, we have been at the forefront of education for the non-surgical skincare sector, starting with the offering of our Advanced Skin Analysis programme. We have since added multiple additional courses that cover a range of related areas. Our focus is enabling you, as beauty therapists and aestheticians, to understand your clients’ skin fully. We operate without affiliation with or influence from any brands that have an interest in the industry.

We’d love to hear from you if you have any questions or are ready to find out more about any of the courses that we offer.