Online Skin Treatment Courses for Non-Surgical Skincare Therapists Worldwide

Our skin analysis training offers valuable advanced techniques that will enable you to correctly determine and address the causes of skin conditions rather than merely treating the symptoms. Discover the Pastiche Method.

Advanced Skin Analysis Competence

Why You Should Invest In Our Skin Analysis Course Online

Our Continual Professional Development (CPD) certified teaching establishment is progressive, offers a flexible methodology, and is not affiliated with any particular brand.

  • If you work in CPD, Continuing Education Units, and CE marking, you will secure your career growth and become a candidate for exciting employment opportunities.
  • Our goal is to secure your accreditation as regards the knowledge gained and study hours invested in an online course. We assign CPD, CEU, and CE credits to the different courses – as per international guidelines − so you can monitor the points you’ve earned.
  • The ongoing development of skills, discernment, and knowledge is indispensable in today’s business environment. Numerous regulatory bodies and organisations insist on the yearly completion of a certain amount of education to comply with protocols.

    We provide opportunities for continued professional development. Study a course online with a credible and recognised education and training provider. If you do, you‘ll be empowered to offer customers innovative services based on current information, procedures, and the latest technology.

What You Can Expect From Pastiche Training Regarding Our Advanced Skin Analysis Course

We focus on our students’ continued professional development and excellent global service delivery to afford growth opportunities and enable and prepare our learners to be ready for improved prospects.

  • We meet international CPD education standards concerning content provision and best practice. Our accreditation recognises our compliance with quality assurance as well as the procedures we have in place to ensure the best outcomes for our learners.
  • Find out why it’s important to correctly pinpoint specific skin conditions and establish their causes during the Advanced Course. We’re not in a position to prescribe successful, practical treatments if we don’t understand the client’s circumstances and the reasons why the disorder came about. Our Advanced Skin Analysis Course offers a thorough, practical methodology to accelerate your development towards being a capable and well-informed skin treatment therapist with excellent diagnostic skills.
  • We also offer courses on Keratolytic skin disorders, the physiology and analysis of acne, and the understanding and treatment of pigmentation. With us you can also study IPL and laser strategies, dermal needling technique, understanding wound healing and scar tissue, and the anatomy, physiology and growth cycle of hair, among other options.

If you wish to succeed as an accomplished skin treatment practitioner, you need expanded diagnostic skills and scientific knowledge. Become a certified Pastiche Skin Diagnostician and take your career to the next level.

About Pastiche Training

Our online educational institution was set up by our Programme Director, Florence Barrett-Hill, who also created the course content. Florence cooperates with a variety of specialists to keep our students updated and cognisant of the latest skin industry trends. She is an independent technical dermal science educator and Professional Aesthetics Industry author. Contact us and revolutionise your skincare education.